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Accessibility statement

General statement

The People’s Network website has been designed to reflect website design guidelines recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium(, the Guidelines for UK Government websites( and eGovernment Interoperability Framework( which is a requirement of all public sector bodies. The site currently meets AA requirements of the Website Accessibility Initiative( with plans to improve on this.


Accessibility features

The following features are designed to make this site more accessible.

Skip navigation

'Skip navigation' is the first link at the top of each page which if selected means you can jump straight to the main content to avoid tabbing through navigation options which appear at the top of each page. This feature is useful for people who are accessing the site using a speech reader.

Access keys

Access keys allow keyboard or speech reader users to have quick and easy access to all the main areas of the site.

If you are using a Windows Operating System press the 'ALT' key with the access key to highlight the link. Then press 'Enter' to select your chosen link.

If you are using a Macintosh computer press the 'CTRL' key with the access key to automatically link to your chosen page.

The following access keys are used on this site:

  • S - Skip navigation
  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - About us
  • 3 - Sitemap
  • 4 - Contact us
  • 5 - Enquire
  • 6 - Discover
  • 7 - Read
  • 8 - Accessibility
  • 9 - Terms and conditions

Please note that some browsers do not support access keys.

Alternative text on images

Care has been taken to provide images on this site with brief and meaningful alternative text ('Alt' text ) for those people who have chosen or are unable to view images.

Advice on browser accessibility options

Settings within your browser can be changed so that the appearance of a web page suits your personal viewing needs. The process for changing your settings varies according to your browser type and version. The following provides a summary of how to change your settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers

  • You can make changes to colours, fonts and text size if you go to the Tools menu in your browser; select Internet Options; then the General tab to make your selections.
  • You can prevent graphics from appearing on your web pages by going to Tools; Internet Options; Advanced tab; Multimedia heading; then remove chosen graphics options; click Apply and then OK.
  • You can change the size of your browser window by going to View; Full Screen, or simply press F11 on your keyboard which does the same thing.

For Netscape Communicator browsers

  • To enlarge text, go to the View menu; select Text Zoom; then choose font size.
  • To make any other changes (such as text font, colours and background colours, preventing images from loading) to your browser settings, go to Edit; Preferences.


Plans for improvement

We have made a commitment to continually improve this site and its services to enhance its accessibility. This includes carrying out testing with people who have disabilities to highlight areas which need improvement.

Development work is already underway to improve the accessibility of the Enquire service. Refer to Access using a speech reader for further details.

For further information or assistance please contact


  Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)

  Grosvenor House

  14 Bennetts Hill


  B2 5RS

  tel: +44 (0)121 345 7300