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The Grapes of Wrath

by John Steinbeck

This book which won the Nobel Prize for Literature is fully absorbing and a real page turner. It examines the suffering and ultimately the endurance of the human spirit to survive against all the odds. It follows the Joad family during their journey across California as they looked for work and a new home. It is based on the research Steinbeck undertook in his quest to understand the plight of the Californian migrants during the 1930's. A real masterpiece with amixture of sadness, suffering and hope.

Suggested by Lorna Farrant, West London

Tagged with: absorbing historical humanity life mesmerising struggle struggles.



I found this book very absorbing and a real insight into how life was like for many during the years of the American depression of the thirties. I certainly did not tire of it and was gripped to the end.
Janet Anton
A good read, but at times, the novel did drag on with little action. Ultimately it's the characters' warmth, wit and humanity that keeps you reading. I got to 400 pages and was surprised by the action that soon followed when i considered giving up, an absorbing sequence of events kept me reading when ordinarily i might have given up. Ma was my favourite character, closely followed by Tom. For other good novels by Steinbeck, try reading Of Mice and Men, which i found more action-filled and absolutely fascinating - it's the reason i started reading Steinbeck's work in the first place.

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