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The Algebraist

by Iain M Banks

The only reason I finished this book is because I am stubborn! I did enjoy bits of it and liked the characters, especially the hero Fassin Taak. I have now learned my lesson - don't bother finishing books when you're completely bored and haven't got a clue what is going on! Life is too short unless you're a Dweller of course.

I finished the book and I still don't understand half of what happened.

Suggested by Jan, Barnsley

Tagged with: compelling, dull fantastic, read tedious

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I listened to this as an audio book and only stuck with it because I was on a long journey and had run out of everything else. I really struggled to keep up with who's who and found it difficult to identify with the non-humanoid characters. Therefore, I didn't really care what happened to anybody in the book and if you asked me now to tell you the plot, I couldn't. Not for me. I couldn't believe this is from the same writer that gave us 'Complicity' which is gripping from the first page to the last.
I read this on a beach in Rhodes. While it's quite complex, it's a fantastic journey into another world full of starnge and wonderful creations who are quite like us in their personalities and behaviours.
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