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The Road

by Cormac McCarthy

heartstopping, it seems at first so limited but it surprises you. So few characters but so wide in its ideas. A moral book with integrity and still a thriller. Sad and thoughtful, exciting and unexpected.

Suggested by Pat O, Liverpool

Tagged with: achingly affirming, atmospheric beautiful beautiful, engaging, evocative exciting,different gripping, haunting intense, life poetic



A really gripping but gruelling read. I liked the sparse style and lack of punctuation which made it read a bit like a poem. It made me wonder what it is that drives people on to survive in the most appalling and seemingly hopeless circumstances.
This was a book of remarkable intensity. The extreme sobriety of the writing style enhances the nightmarish quality of the world described by the author. It is a book that will grip you and show you the very worst and the very best of human nature. A classic already.
Christine Salles
You wont want to put this book down because you will be desperate to find out what happens to the father and son who are the main characters. This book stays with you long after you finish reading it.
Tracy G
His style is so sparse that it makes Hemingway look wordy, but the writing is richly evocative from start to finish. Cormac McCarthy is a brilliant writer and this is an excellent book.
The Doc
I agree that it is a moral book with integrity. It can seem depressing but it has a very uplifting message at the end. It is a thougt-provoking and memorable book.
Mark G.

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