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The Ministry of Fear

by Graham Greene

I picked this Graham Greene novel as just one example of his extensive array of thought-provoking work. I read it ages ago and would recommend it whole-heartedly. Great subtle characters and intriguing story lines. Am I the only one who rates Graham Greene amongst our best contemporary writers. Do try The End of The Affair as well (great film - better book!)

Suggested by Jane Ward, Peterborough now but not originally

Tagged with: intriguing thought-provoking



I completely agree with Jane - I read this as part of a literature course but found it totally absorbing. Greene described it as one of his 'entertainment' novels - it's certainly not has heavy going as the 'Heart of the Matter' or 'Brighton Rock'. Nonetheless it's a hugely engaging thriller novel/espionage tale which still manages to deal with thought-provoking themse such as the limits of sympathy and pity .
Joe Cozens

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