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by Christopher paolini

This book is just brilliant, written when he was just fifteen, It is an adventure with Elves, Dragons etc. Set in a land ruled by a wicked King, a boy and his dragon set out to avenge the murder of his uncle and along the way lots of exciting things happen to him. .This the first of a trilogy, with the third not yet published .Ideal for Teens and Adults.

Suggested by Lynn, Kent

Tagged with: exciting exciting, fantasy good great line story



A good read exciting in parts a bit long in others. I would recommend this book both for teenagers and for adults and I was waiting for the next book to be published when I had finished reading it
A Hunter
Personally, I did not like this book. I thought it was derivative, dull and poorly written. I think there is a reason people generally wait until they are older to write a book. I read the second in the trilogy and found it quite repetative. Generally, it's fine for teenagers are there is some quite exciting action and the plot is a classic, but I wouldn't praise it as a great book, or even a good read. So, I guess I am the only one!
A Bond Mc Nally
i loved this book and have read the next two in the series

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