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On the Road

by Jack Kerouac

This book seemed interesting because of the way it began, but then it just dragged on with pointless events and characters that were to be frank quite masochistic. As a female reader, i found it dull and uninspiring. Considering the book is supposed to be about freedom, it seemed pointless rather than interesting what the characters got up to.

Suggested by navjot18, London

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im a female and i loved it and have reread it several times - incredible prose reads like a poem!!
I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed it! Iistened to this book on talking book and found the narrative reallt interesting. The author created a real feel of more innocent times. It was very much a novel of its time so I can see why you might object to its masochistic nature but I felt that fitted with the period the novel was set in.
I had to read this as part of one of my modules at Uni, and with most of the books that were on my reading lists, I probably would not go back and read it again. I can't recall everything that I wrote about it in my essay, but as Debby says, it is very much of its time. It did give an insight into 1940's America, and I think I put that I felt that the characters were quite superficial, and did not know what they really wanted form life.
I must admit I'm quite glad to see that someone else has decided to bin this only 10 minutes ago :) lets leave it there
Yes, it is quite masochistic but as its an insight into a young man's coming of age experiences in 1940's America, this is not a surprise. It has had great influence on people like Bob Dylan and Hunter S Thompson and is a novel of its time. It is not what I would usually read but I picked it up when my son was studying it for A level and I became quite hooked on it and gave me alot of things to think about.

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