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The Island

by Victoria Hislop

I chose to read this book because I had visited Spinalonga, the island where the story is set. It wasn't a book I would normally pick up but I'm really pleased I did. This story certainly wasn't exciting but it was compulsive reading. I felt that you got drawn into it so well and, although it was very sad at times, you just had to find out whether the family could survive all the problems they endured.

Suggested by Ann Marcus, Northumberland

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Really enjoyed this book, just picked it up at random in Library and was hooked from the first paragraphy.
Pauline Brady
A truly absorbing read , I certainly struggled to put it down and have to admit to crying at several different points in the story it was so real and believable.
A truly absorbing read, very emotionally charged - I cried several times when reading this one and I certainly couldn't put it down.
I'm embarrased to say I only picked it up to read because the author was married to Ian Hislop and I wondered if that was part of the hype. This is such an absorbing read. It's thought provoking and eye opening. I'd never even considered such a situation as placing people on an island because of a disease. It really made you think what if... How would I have really reacted in this situation. It was very moving and I couldn't stop reading it.
Fiona Bennett, Dorset

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