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The Da Vinci Code

by Dan Brown

I found this book to be incredibly dull. If you want a book full of excitement and thrills, please don't read this. Just don't even bother.

Suggested by Jess, Blackpool

Tagged with: badly boring over-rated written



I'm glad i am not the only person who found this book so terribly boring. I have attempted to read it three times and i still cannot get into it.
I hated this book! It was badly written, with so many twists and turns as to make it totally stupid! Dan Brown must have the smallest vocabulary of any published author! Usually if a book grabs me I can finish it off in a few days, this book took me almost literally months to read - it was a real drag but as so many people loved it I felt I had to finish it. That's time I'll never get back again!

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