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The God of Small Things Study Guide

by Arundhati Roy

The book became a best-seller, and won the prestigious Booker Prize in October, 1997 and the author comes from the same Indian state as me, Kerala. I can understand perfectly what she is saying when it comes to gender issues. Women in Kerala has more freedom compared to other states. but to western readers the female characters in the novel may look very constrained. Roy presents well in this novel issues related to male domination.

Suggested by Jema Jones, London

Tagged with: challenging heartbreaking, intense sensual,



Yes, this is one of my all time favourite reads. Roy's language is sensual and poetic, and the voices of the children is so rich and true. At the centre of this novel is a dark secret and a tragedy. The author leads us there like leaves in the eddy of a whirlpool, until finally we come to the terrible truth. Awesome. I cried tears over this novel (because of its power) which is unusual for me. Read it - it is beautiful!

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