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The book thief

by Markus Zusak

I initially chose this book because it seemed quite quirky, being narrated by death, but it is actually quite fascinating and all the characters are so well rounded even the not so nice ones. It also taught me a lot about nazi Germany, I would highly recommend it, it is by turns sad, funny and strange.

Suggested by Lisa, Bexley

Tagged with: different! gripping interesting moving peculiar



I absolutely agree. I LOVED this book. Such a serious subject told with infinite care and surprise. I agree with Holland - stick with it - it may take you 2 or 3 chapters but will be so worth it.
I loved this book and its quirks. It is one that I will never forget.
Nicola, Glasgow
I agree. This was one of the most thought provoking, sad,funny, but ultimately uplifting books I have read in a long time. The characters were totally involving and sympathetically drawn. I found myself in tears a lot - very moving.
I agree with the term strange, it took me a while to grasp it being told by death! when you understand this somehow it all makes sense. You have to stick with it but worth it in the end.
Holland of Hartlepool

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