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Sour Rain

by Thomas J. Aron

Sour Rain portrays the exciting early-statehood of Alaska. Though the state still promises adventure for many of us, it must have been wild in its first years. Organized crime did not respect the new state.

In fact, it had the advantage because of Alaska's start-up problems. Most people had only limited experience with starting a new state. It's also an untold story because the world at that time was preoccupied with the Viet Nam War. It seemed that few cared about Alaska crime in the 1960s. Those extreme circumstances demanded extreme law enforcement tactics. It was a bare-knuckled fight with only sketchy legal and technical processes for the police. It was uncivilized by our 21st Century standards.

The deception from the incestuous corruption of key Alaska officials demanded clever action by the Sour Rain good guys. The political corruption in Juneau that was cleaned out recently by Governor Sarah Palin might have had its roots in that Alaska era of forty years ago. Outsiders in Sour Rain played a huge part in fighting that corruption just as did the political outsiders with the upstart Palin, who defeated the existing political organization. That's an amazing pattern.

The most interesting aspect, however, is that Sour Rain was written and published just before Sarah Palin became governor. This novel was a precursor to what really happened in Alaska in the last couple of years. It's a fascinating coincidence and an interesting story.

Suggested by ourfreehoe, Longmont, CO

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