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St Agnes' Stand

by Thomas Eidson

This is a short novel that grips you from the first page. It is about determination, faith and hope. The setting is the deserts of Arizona.The main characters are total opposites but do have the basic goodness of mankind. Gives you little things to think about at the end.
I guarantee that once you start you may finish this in a evening. Everyone I have recommended this to has really enjoyed it and would easliy have passed it over as nothing special. What a nice surprise!

Suggested by Claire, East Lothian

Tagged with: exciting gripping



Agreed Claire! This is one of the most exciting books I've ever read. My partner and I took turns reading it on holiday and we subsequently amused ourselves for hours deciding who would play the lead roles if they made it into a film. Don't let the fact that it looks like a Western put you off - it's brilliant!
Polly from Barnsley

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