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by Toni Morrison

Unfortunately just someting I could not get to grips with

Suggested by Gail Ward, Burnley

Tagged with: brilliant challenging depressing difficult enthralling overrated provoking thought



Such an acclaimed book, but I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
I think this is one of those books you either love or hate - no middle ground. I loved it, particularly the evocative and poetic language. A thought provoking book which left me thinking about the characters long after I had finished it.
I have to admit I didn't really get it. I couldn't figure out what was real and what was ghostly. Also the Kentucky language was difficult to understand. I did plough through to the end but don't think it deserves the rave reviews it got
I loved it too - read it a long time afo but it put me onto Alice Walker etc...
No Sue it's brilliant! I loved this too Valerie! An amazingly original book set in mid-1880s Kentucky. Slavery is under attack from the abolitionists, while the slave Sethe's world is turning from one of love to one of violence and death. Her baby daughter Beloved who died at her mother's hands, returns to claim retribution... A rich and complex novel which underlines Toni Morrison's deserved place as one of America's foremost novelists. Read her other books too!
Oh I agree with Gail, just plain awful.
I loved this!

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