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suzanne's diary for nicholas

by James Patterson

Had read other books by the same author and found them to be entertaining- expected the same from this, although I knew it was a different genre. Found it to be nauseating, sentimental twaddle, full of cliches. Felt deluded and cheated! Will not be reading any other books by this author as a matter of principle.

Suggested by Deb, Worcs

Tagged with: disappointing easy emotional reading saccharine yuk



This book is so different from Patterson's other books, but taken on its own I really enjoyed it
Sue 2
This book is totally different to other Patterson books. It is much slower paced and it's a love story and a powerful family tale
I too was disappointed with this book after having read his previous books
First book I have read by this authour and It didnt inspire me to read anymore of his.

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