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The Memory keeper's daughter

by Kim Edwards

I started this book and thought it would be an example of the misery lit, which is popular at the moment. But it isn't , it is a thought provoking story with a lot of happy moments as well,as its fair share of sad and maddening moments.I will be sitting and finishing it as soon as I come off line. well worth a go

Suggested by Joanne, Donaghadee

Tagged with: gripping provoking remorseful. thought



It's a while since i read this book but I found it powerful at the time. I think it was because of the consequences of a split second decision which changed the probable course of the lives of so many people. For some , it was a good decision (Caroline) but for others (Norah) it ate away at her life and she never knew why but the reader did. I found the book a little unrealistic but once i could suspend real life practicalities, I found it intriguing to watch the unfolding of lives after that fateful decision.. The ending was a disappointment though.
Found this book gripping from the start, I loved the way story of both babies was told by alternate chapters though daughter's story was more interesting.
I took it home not realising how small the print was, however I gave it a go as I didn't have anything else to read and got so gripped I didn't notice the small print. Something a bit different!
Vicky Bee
This book was recommended by a friend and at first it didn't appeal. But once I started reading I was hooked.Thank goodness times have moved on!
Pam , Hertfordshire

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