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by Stephanie Meyer

This book truly deserved to be turned into a movie and was. It starts off talking about Bella a 17 year old girl and how she slowly falls in love with a vampire called Edward.

It is a page turning read but can sometimes become a little challenging for some readers to understand.

I would reccomend it to all readers about 12+

Suggested by Richio, Cambridge

Tagged with: exciting gripping vamps



I loved reading these books, my 16 year old daughter recommended them and I was hooked. The films are quite good though I find the actress who plays Bella very annoying,
Joanne, Hampshire
Your daughter is right! the book is sooooo much better than te film ! can't wait to see the new film in november! even if I have to drag my b/f with me again .
Elizabeth Barton
I reluctantly took my 12 year old daughter to see the movie and much to my surprise really enjoyed it! She tells me the book is even better than the film so I'm looking forward to reading it....and all the others in the series.
Cheryl, Conwy

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