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The Electric Michaelangelo

by Sarah Hall

Looked forward to reading this one after digesting all the blurbs at the time of its Booker nomination last year. Unfortunately it didn't deliver - bin it!

Suggested by Jill, West Yorkshire

Tagged with: disappointing educational enjoyable extraordinary surprising thought-provoking



In a strange way I agree with you all ! I 'discovered' Sarah Hall on her own territory of Cumbria at the 'Ways with Words' lit fest in Keswick (first 10 days in March annually). She had just published 'Haweswater'. I found that hardgoing but persevered and was so glad I did. Now I know that her style is quite demanding of the reader. I cannot say that I enjoyed 'The Electric Michaelangelo' but as you say there was a lot to learn. 'The Carhullan Army' follows a similar pattern. The depth of violence described still surprises me, especially after meeting her at a book signing.
I'm with Twiglet on this one. It's a while since I read it, and it's not the quickest book to get through, but it's worth the effort. The characters were interesting, the descriptions good, and as somebody who has never seriously considered a tattoo I ended up learning something.
Anna W
I really enjoyed this book. Having recently read John Irvings "Until I Find you" another book with the twin themes of Tattoos and the transatlantic quest for a father figure, I was struck by the similarity of tone and the contrast of voice. The booked evoked the grim realism of the English seaside town and the almost fairy-tale landscape of its American equivalent the british town perhaps painted by Lowry and the American by Bosch (a little like Big Fish, what is real? what is fantasy?). I found this book in the 99p store but would happily have paid the full price!
I agree with you Jill. I gave up on it in the end.
Debby Skerrett

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