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Mute Witness

by Robert L. Pike

Sometimes entitled 'Bullit: the book of the film' (1968, with Steve McQueen)

Mostly quite good, tense and gripping, some good characters and dialogue. Good plot but didn't like the end, which was an Agatha Christie style round up of events, though in the absence of the evil doer. Would have been better if we'd gradually come to the same conclusions as Clancy (Bullit) - the brutallity of the murderer, which was clear enough to be sure, would have had more meaning if we'd known his identity and known that all those waiting to apprehend him also knew.

Interesting that Clancy appears to be part black and part Irish - not at all like McQueen in the film - unless 'black Irish' is a term of abuse/endearment in New York with some other origin.

Suggested by Jeronimo, Bristol

Tagged with: gripping



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