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The boy in the striped pyjamas

by John Boyne

This book was recommended intially by my teenage daughter, the film has made the story notorious, I found it both endearing and sad.

Suggested by Josephine Patten, Ballyclare

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I read this book last year,as it was my chosen book for my reading group for the month.I found it very difficult to put down,i was very easily drawn into the book and found myself wanting to read "just that little bit more" before having to put it to one side to do something else,that i really should be doing. I found the book to be very touching and poignant,written through the childs eyes,he has no idea of what is really going on and his innocent view makes you feel sorry for him,he has no prejudice against the jewish boy that as far as he is concerned is his friend and no idea that he has no chose but to wear the uniform that as far as he is concerned asre only a pair of striped pyjamas. The ending of this book i found to be touching and bitter sweet.
Gail Dorsett
I read the book on holidays a couple of years ago before the film came out. Mostly books are better than the film and I'm glad I read the book first. Great well written book but so sad. I didn't know until the end what was going to happen. I sat back and digested it for ages afterwords.
Pink Poodle
This book was very well written, agree with the other comments it was endearing and sad, although I had seen the film and knew the ending, I still enjoyed reading and could not put the book down.
This book is cleverly written. You have no idea at first what's happening - it just seems an ordinary story. Gradually however, the stripes reveal themselves & it becomes a moving, poignant story. I agree with Helen's comment on the film & am so glad I read the book first.
jane lane
I agree the book was both endearing and sad. I was really shocked and moved by the ending. After reading it I gave it to my teenage son to read without telling him what it was about as I felt knowing the ending would spoil the entire read. I have so far avoided watching the film as I think I may be disappointed having found the book such a good read.
Helen, Chelmsford

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