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A Thousand Splendid Suns

by Khaled Hosseini

If you loved the Kite Runner you will not be disappointed with this book. It is a gripping and also heart-rending story of the lives of two women, Mariam and Laila, whose lives are thrown together in war-torn Afghanistan. From bitter resentment grew a love that was to conquer the evils and dangers of their lives and those of their family.
Khaled Hosseini is a superb storyteller.

Suggested by Yvonne, Preston

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One of the best books I've ever read! Read it with our Readers Group(iI wouldn't have tried it otherwise!) and I recommended it to so many people since
Theresa Leitrim
I read the end of this book coming back in to land at Heathrow one evening. I was grateful for the policy of dimming the cabin lights, because by then there were tears pouring down my cheeks. An extraordinarily moving book - if Kite Runner was good this is simply astonishing.
I agree wholeheartedly with this review. I felt mentally exhausted as I experienced the numerous lows and occasional highs of Mariam and Laila's entertwined lives. It was such a wonderfully written work which had me glued to the page. I hadn't time to cook meals as I needed to know what happened next (my husband had to cook instead!) I recommended it to everyone I met and even bought it as a couple of prezzies! The author wrote wonderfully with a female voice! We must never forget how lucky we are living in a country where we can chose what we say and do!
Heather French

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