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No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

by Alexander McCall-Smith

My only thought about this book was that I wanted to chuck it in the nearest dustbin!

Suggested by Mary Kelly, Leeds

Tagged with: boring boring! coloquial happy read trash



I agree this book should be in the bin with all the others he has written I cannot see the appeal in any of the books and the stories have even made the television ! Extraordinary!
WEndy, Library Assistant
No, bin it! After I'd read this I didn't want to read anymore in the series.
can't bear to read in local slang or written accents - it takes away the flow of the text. I think it should still be in the bin - sorry!
I agree with the rescue of this book. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the novel and yet couldn't wait to read the others in the series. I loved the characters and the decriptions of life in Botswana.

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