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suspicions of mr whicher

by . summerscal

I am finding this book hard going as its written at times kike a fiction book and at other times like non fiction which it is! wiil perservere though with it.

Suggested by karen norwood, cheshire

Tagged with: boring challenging fascinating informative integrity intriguing unputdownable



I picked this up in a hurry, while browsing through a local bookshop. To be honest, in my haste I thought it was fiction - especially given the style of cover design. I've read quote a few crime fiction and thriller titles but never really been interested in true crime. I was quickly hooked on this books and couldn't put it down. The written style was so clear and painstaking, it was like working through the detection process itself and really kept my attention, wondering about the truth surrounding the murder and the relationships between the Kent family. I'm not sure you should say that you enjoyed a true crime book but this one was great. If this is typical of Summerscale's work, I will definitely look out for more of her books in the future.
This book was recommended to me by a friend who's book group was reading it. It's not a usual non-fiction book I'd go for but I really enjoyed it. Challenging but in a good way! I felt so sorry for Mr Whicher. He was very misunderstood.
Laura Griffith
Not by any means a typical non-fiction book about a Victorian murder case. Even if you have never heard of this story before, it d oes not take long to spot the killer. I was more intrigued by the social aspects. Middle class witnesses not enjoying their affairs being investigated by a working class detective. How a master's evidence was considered of more weight than a servant's. The book also brings home how much modern police work depends on the sort of forensic science not available in the 1850's. On the other I also discovered that "tabloid journalism" is nothing new.
I also found this book to be unputdownable and it showed that even being undermined at every part of his investigation a determined officer was finally vindicated eventually but not thanked by any of his critics.His tenacity finally got a result of a conviction but other people took all the credit and politics ensured this person's reputation would never recover.
Neil Massey
I could not finish this book
Denise redditch
My husband read this book and raved over it, 'unputdownable' was the word he used, so I am planning on reading it next, so 'challenging isn't what I was hoping for!

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