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Cause of Death

by Patricia Cornwell

This was the 4th or 5th Scarpetta novel I'd read. In a number of others it was difficult to believe how she managed to be so closely involved in so many parts of the cases. This one takes that beyond the limit of credibility.

I don't think it gives away the plot, but several areas are totally unbelievable: how does her ex-assistant get a job in London without any references How on earth did the terrorists expect to get their contraband to the destination once they had recovered it from the site Was Kay Scarpetta really the only person who could make the trip to London in the middle of a national emergency, or gone into the middle of the siege Is it likely that the same small group of characters from different agencies would be involved in so many cases together

From their reputation, I was expecting far more realistic stories from this series, I am dissapointed. Ms Cornwell should stick to what she does well the procedural stuff and some of the characterisation and not stray into Tom Clancy territory especially when it is done as badly as here.

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Yes I thought so too
For all the above reasons I will never read anything again by Patricia Cornwall life is too short!!
glad i wasnt the only one who thought this. i love patricia cornwell and couldnt wait for this book to come out,i think kay scarpetta is a great character but this book was dreadful

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