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The Uncommon Reader

by Alan Bennett

This was such a simple idea, the Queen accidentally visiting a mobile library after trying to round up the corgis and ending up an avid reader, to the discomfort of her courtiers. I found it immensely enjoyable, short and simple and good fun.

Suggested by Bookworm Brenda, Northern Ireland

Tagged with: amusing comfortable easy easy, humour light-hearted read



I found this short book an easy one to read. Bennett has come up with an unusual idea, creating the Queen as his central character and a very believable one at that. The Queen is tempted to visit the mobile library and gradually borrows more and more books, reading diversely, which leaves her questioning her lifestyle and her world in general. As I work in a public library I found this whimsical book entertaining and very enjoyable.
Anita, East Riding of Yorkshire Libraries
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was something far from the type I usually read (generally crime). I had to fight my Dad for the book because when he saw it he wanted to read it as well.
Freida T
I also found this book easy to read with Bennett's usual humour. The twist at the end is worth waiting for!
Fred Callaghan

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