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Wise Children

by Angela Carter

This novel is simply so much fun. To use an over-used word, it's a romp - an earthy, funny, bitchy, unpretentious, outrageous romp that gallivants through the twentieth century and several generations of a theatrical family as they take in every single entertainment medium going - theatre, music hall, film, telly and more all end up in the spotlight. And the writing is so rich and evocative that you can practically inhale it. A celebration of acting in all in forms, with an enthusiasm and energy that it is impossible not to love.

Suggested by Sandy Buchanan, Buxton

Tagged with: exuberant unexpected

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I've not seen this cover for 'Wise Children' before, and this cover looks like it's being marketed as a piece of, dare I say, chick-lit. Which I would say is a bit of an oxymoron as Angela Carter was often considered an avant-garde feminist writer. Yes the novel is fun. But it's not light reading. It explores incest, illegitimacy, fatherless children, Lewis Carroll as a pedophile.. The plot begins 23rd April, Shakespeare's birthday, and it takes much from Shakespeare's tragedies aswell as comedies. This is Carter's last novel, and she had a very strong idea it would be her last. It is a celebration of life. But it doesn't completely skip the messy bits of it.
And she wrote it while she was dying of cancer - what a celebration of life!

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