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The Little Friend

by Donna Tartt

Although it took a while to get into, once the story did get going, it was in turns both hilarious and thrilling in the sense of the danger (real and perceived) it presented to one of the main characters, Harriet, a 12 year old girl who is trying to avenge her brother's murder and in so doing, unwittingly stumbles into the attentions of a notorious family, some of whose members are quick to violence. The story is told alternatively, from the perspective of Harriet and one of the members of the family (the man Harriet 'decides' had murdered her brother). An unfortunate and not entirely unwitting step of events takes Harriet closer and closer to danger but by the end, the danger is mostly in her own mind (though is no less hilarious for that). Reading this on the way back from work made that one week an absolute pleasure!

Suggested by Rachel, Cambridge

Tagged with: gripping



I loved this book too!!! In fact, I remember that at one point I was so engrossed in this book that I missed my stop on the bus to work!

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