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Lord of the rings trilogy

by j r r Tolkien

Granted I am not a fam of fantasy fiction,but why oh why are these books always in the top ten novels of all time. Who cares about frodo,,goblins or middle earth.Am i the only person out there ,who thinks these are a load of rubbish

Suggested by Janet, Northern Ireland

Tagged with: amazing aragorn awesome classic codswallop epic epic. fantasy hair impenetrable lovely modern read



Your comments betray a stultifying lack of imaginative capacity. The trilogy is frequently in 'top ten' lists because it is an absolute classic, the progenitor of modern fantasy fiction in its current form.
There are people who love LOTR and those who don't -yet! Look beyond the battles and elves - we all have a Ring that threatens to engulf us and a Shire that is worth fighting for...
no you're not!! I too found these books impossible to penetrate and life's too short to keep trying when there's so much else to read and enjoy.
I am not a fan of Fantasy but I first read these books in my 20s and have since read them again. So sorry but I think they are great!
I found The Hobbit really enjoyable but the trilogy was rather too long and full of battles for me. I have to say though that that is a personal view and I appreciate that others enjoy these books.
Yes you are!
Hobbit lover

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