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Dewey The Small-Town Library Cat

by Vicki Myron

A gentle easy read for someone who likes true animal stories with a feel good factor. It is sad, happy and funny!

Suggested by Cally, Braintree

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I loved everything about this book-a lovely interesting heart-warming story about a lovable cat. I enjoyed the library setting and the attention to detail-a comforting read. Who could fail to be moved by Dewey's interaction with the little disabled girl?And the social history of the economy of the time also added to the book. The librarian had a full eventful life-illnes, divorce and further education. I loved it...
Sorry guys, but I thought is was one of the most boring books I've ever read. I can't believe that she thought her life was interesting enought to be a book. I read 3/4 of it over a year ago and I still have strong feelings about it. Yes, some bits are funny about the cat but she just has no life to talk of.
I loved this book! The tale of how they rescued Dewey and how he became the library's cat is wonderful and beautifully written by Vicki Myron. You can truly tell that everybody in that community loved Dewey, he brought all of the library users together. An amazing book.
I thought that this book was going to be over sweet and saccharine when I first saw it, but being struck down by the winter lurgy and wanting something easy to read I chose this one. It was so much better than my first impressions. It is true that animals can bring people together - petting animals taken to hospitals and nursing homes have been proven to improve the quality of life, so why shouldn't a cat in a library work the same magic? This was a truly gentle book that was just great for wallowing with - I wonder if a cat coupd cope in my library?
This book is so moving, so beautiful, so charming. I saw it for sale just before Christmas and bought a number of copies as presents, and one for myself which is a rarity as I also work in a library and tend to borrow most of my reads. With just the photo on the front and the blurb on the back as my incentive, I had total faith in this book from the start and it certainly didn't disappoint. Cats are magical creatures and Dewey certainly confirms this as he reaches out and touches the hearts of the townsfolk and then much further afield. This read will always stay with me.
Annie Sue
I absolutely loved this gentle book which gives such a feeling of how a small town Library Cat could make such a difference to so many lives. I now from past expereince how animals can make such a difference to someone if they just need a little comfort and care and just to feel 'needed'- even if only to cuddle or stroke for a few minutes. I enjoyed this so much that I actually bought a Book for my Bookshelf which is a rare event as I work in a Library so tend to borrow rather than buy!

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