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by Stephenie Meyer

Vapid nonsense. You know, there's a great idea for a story here. Shame Stephenie Meyer never wrote it. Vampires? School? Interaction between vampire and human? She should have run away with this story, dammit. And I only need to be told once how fabulous Bella thinks Edward is. Sparkle? If only the prose did.

Suggested by Helen Crowther, Blackpool

Tagged with: bland cack captivating fantasy gripping limited love romance shallow, thriller



Maybe it got better, but by page 2 I was so bored by the shallow self-centred American high School characters that I gave up.
I loved, loved, loved this book. It was pure escapism and couldn't put it down. Recommended this book to all my friends and they enjoyed it too!
Although romance is not my usual read, I could not put this book down from the minute I picked it up. I am now on to the third book in the series and have found each book as exciting as the first. An intense but easy read.
Helen B
This book was recommended by a colleague, really enjoyed it and had to read the others in the series to find out how it all ended. Now trying to get my daughter to read them. A really good read.
patsy richards
I read this on recommendation too and was pleasantly surprised, I wish I had read it aged 18 I know I would have been hooked but as a 35 year old I still enjoyed it though in some ways found it a bit childish and very unbelieveable but then what vampire books are believable. I couldn't put it down, everything was on hold including the housework and I really wanted to read on to find out what happened - I found it intense because of this and so haven't gone on to read the sequel yet but am sure I will at some stage, probably when I have a few days when I know I can read uninterupted, on holiday maybe!
I have to disagree, This was recommended to me and I took some persuading to try it, once started however I could not put it down and read all four in the series in quick succession. pure fantasy, but a most enjoyable easy read.
I had great expectations from this book as a colleague had been waxing lyrical about it for some time. She's read all the series and was telling all our users they should read it. I quite enjoyed it but certainly couldn't see what all the fuss was about and am not inspired to read the sequels.
Janet at E

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