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Her Fearful Symmetry

by Audrey Niffenegger

A grave disappointment to me after her first novel, The Time Traveler's Wife. This was an interesting premise and a well written book but the story was overblown gothic melodrama at its worst and the characters dull and unsympathetic.

Suggested by Tara, Gateshead

Tagged with: absurd drguulqohdvt ghost story tedious



I would agree that Her Fearful Symmetry was a major disappointment and I must admit I gave up on it without finishing the book. Hopefully there will be a return to form in her next book and that the splendid Time Travellers Wife wasn't a "one hit wonder"
Ian from Sunderland
I read this book because I thought to give a book by this author a go (not having read the Time Traveller's Wife). Although I quite enjoyed it, I would agree that I did not find the characters engaging and I had worked out the 'twist' long before the end of the novel.

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