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The Encounter

by Hanna Horrell

The Encounter is a modern story with a strong message. If you do not like anything with aliens in it this is not for you. For everyone else this book is not to be missed. The plot is very similar to the ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ so if you enjoyed the film you will most definitely enjoy The Encounter. The story flows very well and it is a relaxing and pleasurable read while at the same time it is a book which is most definitely intelligent and thought-provoking. It is a novel, but also so much more than just a novel. There are quite a few messages woven into the storyline which will leave you wondering if it is a story of fiction. Everyone should read it as this book might just open your eyes to different possibilities and change your perception on life. It is not often that a novel which contains an important message is published. Once this book is read it is not going to be easily forgotten.
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Suggested by Paola Nyderek, London

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