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For the love of my Mother

by John P Rodgers

Set in the Ireland, it is the story of Bridget Rodgers, who spent most of her life in institutions, first a childrens home and then the Magdalene Laundries after being raped and pregnant. It is the story of how the love for her son and the hope of being re-united with him kept her going through tragic times. It is written by that son John P Rodgers, who discovered just what his mother had been through when he started to search for her. An excellent read, I just couldn't put it down. Life has been so cruel for this poor woman, yet she has come through it and remained strong and is now happy to have her son back and a loving family. You must read it!

Suggested by mac, Hull

Tagged with: hopeful thought-provoking



This book sounds sad but I appreciate it is real-life and these things, these injustices do happen. I commend Mr Rodgers for writing this book as a legacy for his mother and for the many people who can relate to his story.

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