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Angels and Demons

by Dan Brown

I am in the middle of reading Angels and Demons, having read and thoroughly enjoyed the Da-vinci code about a year ago. I cannot for some reason motivate myself to finish the book. I am currently reading about 5 pages at a time then feeling too thoroughly depressed, and patronised, I cannot continue to read further. Normally a book worm I can read a good book in a couple of sittings, but I have had this on the bedside locker for over 6 months- and I am just not enjoying reading it. Some books you can just consume - ie the Da-vinci code, but this one is not one of them. Maybe if I struggle through to the end, I will appreciate it as a great Novel, or will I regret the time I wasted in hoping that the end will make the whole book worth while. Is it just me or is the book iritiating and patronising to other readers - who simply want to be captivated by a good read.

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not as funny as the da vinci code
The first and best of the Langdon novels, the others are the same story in new clothes. Nothing literary to write home about but an enjoyable read and Brown does a good job of keeping your interest regardless until the ending.
I couldn't put it down! Particularly as I started reading this the day before Pope John Paul II fell ill and then pased away some time later, it was too much of a coincidence NOT to finish.
Paul W
I read this book before the Da Vinci Code, and did enjoy it more -I found it very exciting, and could not put it down. I think the 2 books are quite similar, and which ever you read first will be the one you enjoy most.
Rosie Posy
I could not get on with this book, i found it at times confusing and on the whole boring and tedious

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