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One Last Summer

by Catrin Collier

This book centres around the journey of Charlotte, a grandmother, and her granddaughter, Laura, as they travel together to East Prussia to revisit the area where Charlotte, used to live before the war. Both are trying to understand and reconcile her past against the backdrop of the historic events that shaped Charlotte's life and actions.
The narrative is certainly drawing me in emotionally and is very thought provoking. Perhaps this book aims in some way to challenge any preconceived thoughts on how or why "ordinary" German people behaved and reacted in the lead up to, and during the Second World War, and how they have come to terms with their pasts.
I approach reading this book with my own mixed feelings, as my mother is also German and she too comes from of East Prussia. I rather admire her for having the courage to return to her own, rather painful memories, through reading this book, and feel I owe it to her to now read it too.

Suggested by Isobelle, Basingstoke

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