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The Da Vinci Code

by Dan Brown

I must admit I was apprehensive when I read this book. I was prepared for the fact that all the characters are stereotypes who undergo no development whatsoever. I was prepared for the fact that half the facts are nonsense and that Dan Brown has no idea how academic research or arguments works.

What I wasn't prepared for was just how dull this book was. Nothing happens: there is a bit of running around, and a gun is pointed at someone at somepoint, but most of the book consists of pure exposition. The secret around which it revolves could have made for a powerful book, but it's revealed halfway through and what we get for the remainder for the book is basically the hero solving crossword puzzles for a couple of hundred pages. And the treasure turns out to be hidden exactly where the treasure is always hidden in this sort of book.

So what is the appeal of this book Why do people like it I know it's very easy to read, but surely a book needs more than that to be so very popular.

Suggested by Sandy Buchanan, Buxton

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Aaaaaaarrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! This is how much I hate this damned book! I'm a librarian and can tolerate most things, but I can't bear this..this....offering. I mean, do you need to be told the Louvre is in Paris? No, of course you don't. I have never been so bloody patronised, talked down to, had my intelligence demeaned, and generally condescended to, in my entire reading existence. What I particularly hate is that the art and history is so compelling that the horrible Mr Brown kept me turning the pages, damn him.
Helen Crowther
Read it because everyone else had and was glad I did. Took a while to get into and was a little long winded in places, but worth the read
Got you lot heated though ...
Oh, thank goodness! Yes, this book is dire - all those short chapters and ghastly stereotypical characters. And I resent his claim that it is 'based in fact' - the man has no intellectual integerity whatsoever. But then if he had admitted it was nonsense, no-one would have bothered to read it - it's selling point was the fantastic claim to truth. Either he or his publicist is extremely clever!
Linne from Jersey
While DVC was - for me- almost impossible to read, this was not because the plot was boring. No, it was a great "boys own" adventurewith wonderfully OTT, it was the writing style thsat was impossible. I have a theory that Dan Brown succeeds because he writes like a very average 15 year old, so the rythms/constructions etc =match ordinary thought processes and can be absorbed by osmosis leaving all the attention for the mystery. Enis Blyton is the same - she writes like an 8 year old - her main audience.
Ferelith, Wandsworth
I DO agree. This book is completely overrated

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