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The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight

by Mark Haddon

It is written as if by a young autistic boy and gives such a thoughtful insight into the way his mind works. It is interesting and funny book, one I have recommended to others - they have also enjoyed it.

Suggested by Kathy, Fareham Hampshire

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This book is extremely well written - the author had insight into autism. I would recommend this book to others. Brilliant!
I found this book both interesting and challenging. The chapter numbers knocked me off at first but then I got it. It's a good read and a novel way go ge the reader into the mind of a person with autism.
Micahel, Dublin
I loved this book. I loved the character and the way the book was written from his persceptive. I thought it was a great insight into autism.
I loved this book and so have most of the people that I have recommended it to. It gives a valuable insight into how an autistic child thinks and comprehends his life events. Once the reader has gained this insight, the character's outward behaviour seems to be perfectly "normal"! Besides being very informative this book is an entertaining read with many a giggle provided.
I don't read much fiction but i really enjoyed this book and it helped me to understand the world as seen by someone with autism.
Julie North Lincolnshire Libraries.
This is one of my very favourite books. I love the character of Christopher, and I love the way that even though he is telling the story he cannot see what is going on around him, but we can!
I found this book fascinating . I loved the way that the characteristics of autism where carried through to the layout and language of the book and not confined to the content. I would recommend this book to everyone.
Joanne Brown
I spent many years as an Infant teacher and some of my pupils displayed similar sorts of autistic behaviour to that displayed by this book's main character. I found it a fascinating read and thoroughly enjoyed the book, but found it hard to believe that he could have travelled on the tube entirely on his own. I'm sure the author has personal experience of autism.
I really enjoyed this unusual book, despite the one or two uses of bad language i think it should be read as part of the school curriculum. I didn't know anything about autism before so it gave me some insight as to what it is. Would recommend.
Julie, Liverpool
Well written, but real boring after a couple of chapters
This book gave me an insight into just what autism is - something I knew very little about. It is an excellent book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have also recommended it to others.
I also found it very well written - it gave a different perspective to life and was very enjoyable
Judith, Northampton

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