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Starter for Ten

by David Nicholls

Sory of the first year at University of aparticularly annoying character. Poor story -if there indeed was one. Richard and JUdy had recommended it, it was supposd to be funny. I just found it tedious, and most of the characters dreadful. I'm glad I don't know them!!

Suggested by Annie, Halifax

Tagged with: average boring frustrating funny moving read



Funny in parts. The characters are quite easy and stereotypical & I thought the end was rather a let down too, so much angst & woe...and then in a few pages he's realised the error of his ways! Film might be better?
Louise, Liverpool
I also enjoyed this book, but I didn't find it funny. I thought it was very moving and felt sorry for the character trying to find his feet at university despite being out of his depth. I was willing for it all to turn out right for him.
Funny book! The characters are dreadful, but weren't some of the characters you met at college?!

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