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His Dark Materials Trilogy

by Philip Pullman

All 3 of the books in this trilogy are captivating and wonderful.

With the second one, The Subtle Knife, I bought it one Saturday afternoon, sat down to begin it at about 8pm and read all the way through until I finished at about 3am.

They have made me laugh and cry, they have beautifully drawn characters and most of all they are superbly written...

These are about good and evil, love and hate and the blurred boundaries in between, about growing up, about loyalty, and about how we make decisions that aren't always comfortable or happy...

Suggested by Bookworm-Airhead, Stockport

Tagged with: amazing enjoyable fantasy wonderful

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I also loved this trilogy, a modern reply to C.S. Lewis depicting Christianity and organized religion as a whole as it really is.
Library boy.
I loved the first and second book in this trilogy. I thought the second book was the best, it was much more fast paced than the others and I felt progressed the story more, depsite being shorter. The triolgy is good as a whole, and you can't help but care for the fates of the characters. I did feel a bit dissapointed that the epic battle at the end, is only dipped into, as we follow the fate of Lyra, and the religious allegories were even more evident than in the Chronicles of Narnia.
Sue Fletcher
I love this trilogy, so much is in there!
the bookworm

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