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Big Cherry Holler

by Adriana Trigianni

I have just finished the unabridged audio of this title and have to say I was captivated from start to finish. I didn't know if I would like it, but having gone to the library to select something to listen to on a long journey I had to make, I had to plump for this and hedged my bets by also borrowing Stephen King's From a Buick 8. I suspected from the cover that that Big Cherry Holler was a bit of a soppy heartbreak and home truths read but, although it could very easily have been told that way, it was so much more lively and fun than that.

It is about a woman whose marriage is wobbly but it's also about a wider cast of characters who inhabit a small town in the bits of Virginia familiar to everybody who watched the Waltons.

I've just read a very harsh criticism of the book on by a man who gives it one star, while all the other female reviewers give it four or five. I'm not surprised! It has moments of great frustration because the character is so self-obsessed, selfish and lacking in insight you'd like to shake her. However, having been through the breakdown of a relationship I recognised a lot of the situations and had to have a couple of breaks in my listening because it got too close to my own memories.

The reader on the unabridged version I borrowed is outstanding - I wish I could remember her name! If you've got a long journey to do or want something to just put your feet up and listen to for a few hours and have a good old wallow, this is the one.

Suggested by Polly, West Yorkshire

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I just loved this book - it was really outstanding - one of those you just don't want to end and you wish that every character was your friend.
Barbra, Ashford

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