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The Jane Austen Book Club

by Karen Joy Fowler

Described as the book Jane Austen would have written had she lived in 21st century California - I think not! Dreary and lacking in sparkle.

Suggested by Anne, Cheshire

Tagged with: bin! boring boring. disappointing disappointing, dreary dull paper straight tedious waste



I thought this book was a complete waste of valuable luggage space!
Chewbacca, Cambs
So incredibly tedious, it did not get going at all, boring character descriptions, I gave up.
Ditto all the above! Talk about trying to fit in all the stereotypes; lesbian, possibly gay bloke, divorcee, older women who lives with her animals....very disappointing and a total waste of time.
At one with all the above comments.One I would recommend people not to read
Yes I agree too. I'm sure it became popular because of the Jane Austen title, very naughty selling books on the back of such a superb novelist.
Dianne, Halifax
Yes, I totally agree, the book was dreary and lacking in sparkle. I did soldier on with this book, thinking it has to get better, but sadly not. I found the book very disappointing. If you want a much more fulfilling, compelling read try Elizabeth Noble's "The Reading Group"
Elizabeth, Calne.
Absolutely! Pointless, boring....
Yes I agree - another overhyped Richard and Judy choice.
Judith, Reading
I agree enitrely! May this book languish in the bin for all eternity! I found no connection to any of the characters in the book and therefore didn't care if they lived or died, let alone had a nce time in their reading group! I gave up very early on as life is too short and there are too many good books out there.

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