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My Sister's Keeper

by Jodi Picout

Jodi Picoult was recommended to me by a friend. I read The Pact in a couple of days and really enjoyed it, so I was expecting to be as engrossed in My Sisters Keeper. I was very disappointed with it though. The plight of both Sisters' was tragic, but I just found myself thinking the 'donor' was too self-pitying

Suggested by Judith Crompton, Widnes

Tagged with: challenging depressing devisive disturbing irritating provoking tedious, thought time waste



I enjoyed this book simply because it was one of the best discussions we had in our book club!!. The subject matter is so sensitive but topical - what would you do? I found the mother completely insensitive to the needs of the 'designer child' but can relate to her instinct to do everything for her sick child.
Peggy M Byrne
it was far too depressing for me.I know she is a popular author but not for me.however I was compelled to finish reading it.
This author really annoys me. Yes, by all means write books which explore issues, but does she have to lay it on with a trowel? It was all far too contrived for my taste. The dialogue was mostly in this witty repartee which Americans seem to love and I just find unrealistic. Then the final straw was her ending, which totally dodged the ethical issue! Aaargh!
I read and really enjoyed this book it gave a good perspective on what designer children have to go through to help their sick siblingsbu but with this author I couldn't really connect with her other characters so although i have read a few other books I'm not sure that I will read any more as she doesn't choose comfortable subjects..
This is very much her style. Lots of characters but short on characterisation. Saying that I did enjoy this book, the twist was very shocking. I also think the donor was rather too self-pitying but how are we to know how a person reacts in such circumstances.
Gillian March
Very much an "issues" book as VOC@HAT suggested - and a particularly tricky moral one at that. Personnally I loathed it, many of the members of our reading group enjoyed it and the discussion that took place was certainly lively!
This author seems to take modern "issues" and then think through how they might affect real people - so far, so good. However, I don't feel she has any talent for characterisation, and so you never warm to the characters, or care what happens to them. I have read both the books that Judith read, but will definitely not be reading any more.

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