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Case Histories

by Kate Atkinson

A brilliant read. From the opening paragraph to the end of the book it had me gripped by its plot. Atkinson is excellent at creating believable, recognisable characters and she excels in this book. Three murders are committed over a span of years and a private detective Jack Brodie tries to untangle a web of deceit and lies to get at the truth. But this is not a conventional crime novel, and the characters surrounding Brodie all have their own demons to live with. A lively and satisfying read

Suggested by Diane Moore, Wallsey

Tagged with: absorbing daughter entertaining father intelligent relationships rewarding sensitive suprising witty

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This was my first Kate Atkinson novel too. I found it an effortless yet rewarding read. The characters are all so lifelike and believable you start to feel you know them personally as you turn the pages. The writing is wonderfully witty, sensitive and intelligent. I have recommended this book widely and certainly plan to read more Kate Atkinson!
I have found it really refreshing to read something so sensitively written. Atkinson's clear attention to detail, extensive use of conversation as a narrative device, and a bucketload of emotion gave the novel "round edges", even though some of the crimes and characters are extremely harsh and violent. I really enjoyed the theme of family running throughout, the contrasts and comparisons, and the coincidences taking place between the characters. I enjoyed discovering how each family had become broken. I found the cases both shocking and intriguing and Jackson's own circumstances took me by surprise. I was really pleased to discover so many strong female characters in this as I really hadn't expected it from the nostalgic cover.
Scary Claire
This was also my first Kate Atkinson and it was a really good read, with lots of twists and turns This was also my first Kate Atkinson and it was a really good read, it had a lot of suprises and at one point made me gasp aloud.This is a definite book for a christmas wish list. I am also going to read the follow-up novel One Good Turn.
Andrea, Harrow
My first Kate Atkinson but it definitely wont be my last. I really enjoyed this story although I don't usually like crime, but this is not at all my idea of a conventional crime story. It is a book on so many levels with lots of unexpected developments and some excellent characters.
Elaine, Sunderland
I loved this book also. It wasn't at all like I anticipated it to be & I loved the twists & turns of the plot. I've recommemded it to lots of people!

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