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Under the Frog

by Tibor Fischer

Finally a book about male, naked hungarian basketball players!
Set in post war Hungary this novel follows the fortunes of two young men avoiding hard work but avidly pursuing the fairer sex against the backdrop of the uprising.
A wonderful story of how the human spirit attempts to overcome oppresssion.
One example of this being the History teacher who fails to accept the Soviet Invasion in 1944 as an adequate excuse for not completing homework assignments.
You were hiding in that cellar for ten weeks, you must have has plenty of time.

Suggested by Jessie, Leamington

Tagged with: fantastic! funny humour



I have now recommended this book to soooo many people. It is a brilliant combination of black humour, modern fiction and a literary rendition of an historical event i.e. the Soviet invasion of Budapest. Who would ever expect to find Basketball, love and Soviet tyranny in the same book?! This book made me laugh and cry - I loved it and would also recommend Fischer's other work particularly "The Thought Gang." Give him a try!
Sarah G
This seemingly obscure novel with a somewhat strange title and unknown author was actually shortlisted for the Booker Prize a few years ago. I think this book would be known as a modern classic had it won, unfortunately it didn't, and it seems to have slipped into an undeserved obscurity since then. Despite the the novel's background the narrative is full of energy and humour and makes a welcome and refreshing change to the earnestness of some of the books that have actually won the Booker prize.
Andrew, Sunderland

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