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Life of Pi

by Yann Martel

Here's a book about survival. What would you be reduced to if it was the only way to save your life I found it a grim and generally uncomfortable read. And then there's the twist at the end which really made me resent having wasted hours of my life on this book.

Suggested by JHC, Warwickshire

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I first heard this book as an audio CD which was among several I took with me on a long drive across Europe to Austria. It was enjoyed by all four of my family, including my (then) 15 year-old daughter. The suspense kept us going along tedious autoroutes.
Linda from Stockton
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be quite profound and thought-provoking. I initially found it difficult to get into but then I stopped trying to take the story purely at face value and enjoy it for its themes and the metaphors it raises. Fantastic stuff!
I loved it! It is rather surreal and will appeal to you if you love Salman Rushdie or Gabriel Garcia-Marquez. Plenty of food for tought...
Nicole from Essex

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