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by Ian McEwan

Beginning in 1935 and continuing into World War II, this book tells of the devastating consequences of a young girl's actions, and how she tries to achieve the atonement of the novel's title.The interesting aspect of this book is the way the reader is shown the same scenes through the eyes of the different characters, showing how much their perceptions differ - a point crucial to the story. The ending stays with you, and makes you reflect on everything that went before. It makes you think about the power of the writer over his story - and the power of imagination.

Suggested by Ali, Hayes

Tagged with: thought-provoking



I did not enjoy this book at all and found the women to be totally shallow! How can a whole group of people believe and act upon the word of a scattered young girl even though they know they are destroying the life of a young man they knew to be honest and truthful???

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