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Cloud Atlas

by David Mitchell

This book was a real struggle, like trying to wade uphill through treacle, only to find nothing waiting for you at the top.

Some of the stories could have been quite good, but I lost interest, and by the time I got to the second part of them I had forgotten what had happened to them in the first place.

One of the most boring and draining books I have ever read!

Suggested by Lou Woods, Kent

Tagged with: brilliant brilliant, exhausting fantastic, memorable read



I expect you are right, I am sure there are lots of books that we cannot enjoy at a certain period of our lives, then, upon returning to them years later we find them more enjoyable. It was not so much that I found it hard to read, just that I was disinterested in the plot lines, and while I can see how it all fitted together, I just didn't get on with the book. I am an avid reader of all genres and am willing to give any book a go, I just don't promise to like all of them! I used to finish every book I read, even if I wasn't enjoying it but I am more selective now, life is too short, and there are so many wonderful books to enjoy. I promise I will try and read this one again some day, but for now the memory of it is not inspiring me.
Lou Woods
Worth pursuing. Each strand is written in a totally different voice - I especially liked Zachry and Sonmi. It is only as you near the end that you realise how everything ties together. Very satisfying.
Chris R
I loved this book. I recommended it for my reading group and I must admit it did get a mixed reception, but it proved to be a lively discussion. It's quite hard to get a 'grip on' initially but like Big Star says it's a book that has everything - humour, science fiction, adventure. I liked the scale of this novel too; it seems to encompass time and space!
Frank Wilson
It is a hard read, I would say, especially if you are not a regular reader. But wading uphill through treacle is quite an experience in itself and one that I personally can recommend we all should try at least once in our lifetimes! Or maybe just sit back and relax. Like quicksand, you'll find it less of a struggle that way.... Lou, if you didn't find anything waiting for you at the top, maybe you went in the wrong direction? Or more likely this was the wrong book at the wrong time for you. I hope you will come back to it one day and dscover something about yourself that you weren't ready for this time around. David Mitchell has an unusual imagination and likes to make improbable connections between his characters who live in different times. Somehow he makes it work, for me, and I'd describe it more as a rollercoaster ride. Part thriller, part fantasy, part sci-fi, part detective, lots of humour.
Big Star

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