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The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

by Alexander McCall Smith

A collection of light-hearted detective stories. Transported to Botswana in every page. Could feel the heat, the dust of the desert and the vastness of the country. Pure escapism.

Suggested by Pat, Bournemouth

Tagged with: absorbing affirming affirming! charming comforting disappointing engaging enjoyable enjoyable, insightful life pleasurable refreshing relaxing relaxing, uneventful

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I love the gentle humour in this series, and often find the stories quite moving too.
Once I started reading this book, I coudn't put it down and ended reading the entire series.I grew up in Africa and must say McCall Smith's distinct description of the characters and the Landscape of Botswana gives you a real feel of the Land.
On to the 10th book in the series now. Don't know why I keep reading them, because they are all the above - simple,uneventful, gentle. But they do characterise a lot of the mentality and philosophy of many people I met in Africa - they ring true and the characters are likeable. A good antidote to the violent amorality of many current crime books.
A most enjoyable read - I ended up reading the whole series.
Sue, Crewe
I enjoyed this book very much, I liked the simplicity of the stories, I agree the storyline wasn't gripping, as most crime fiction tends to be. It was Mma Ramotsw's philosophy on life and the landscape and way of life that made it enjoyable reading.
I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd book in the series but after that I found there was a lot of repitition.
Rahana Parveen
Having lived in southern Africa myself some years ago I could really identify with the underlying tenor of this book and have now read the whole series, to date. I like the combination of likeable,human characters with foibles and flaws, interesting episodes and an overall narrative running through all the books.
Rosemary, Leeds
Being fond of detective stories, this wasn't at all what I was expecting, but it grew on me quickly. Looking back, I can understand why people thought the book 'uneventful', but I thought it was insightful all the same. It was about people rather than about cases, and I was impressed with how well a man understood the mind of a woman!
A most enjoyable read and I now know something of Botswana. Reading fiction is one of the nicest ways to find out about another place - being transported to this land you can't help but pick up a little of its flavour.
Ashley, Sunderland
I'm with Jane - the plots needed to be deeper. It didn't want to make me read the others in the series.
Didn't believe in Mma Ramotswe???I think McCall Smith's greatest strength is the creation of believable characters! Love the 44 Scotland Street series ,too.
The problems were resolved too simply for my taste. I didn't believe in the characters or the cases.
Have read the whole series and they are perfect for relaxation and pleasure!
John Woodhouse

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