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The five people you meet in heaven

by Mitch Albom

This book makes you think about what you have achieved in your life and what waits in store for you on the othe side.

It's also a very good book to read if you don't believe in an afterlife.

It's about an elderly man working in an amusement park who does somthing not everyone would to save a child.

I couldn't put this book down which is good for me, as it usually takes me ages to read a book.

Suggested by Gillian, Middlesbrough

Tagged with: absorbing emotive, gripping inspiring intriguing love moving pangit poignant, powerful provoking though-provoking thought thought-provoking twee

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This book stayed with me for a long time, I found it very uplifting.
Kath. M
A very easy read but one that stays with you for a long time afterwards. It makes you wonder whos lives you might have touched without realising it.
Kathryn, East Lothian
ilir ahmati
I read this after it was suggested by a couple of friends, I obviously missed the point! I found it very twee, too contrived for my tastes.
Nic, Walsall
I also found this book very thought provoking an interesting.
An easy read which makes you think about the people you encounter in your own life and how everything we do affects others. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.
I found this a very interesting little book and was also intrigued to find out which people the main character influenced in his life and I felt that the choices the author made were very unusual, but worked very well and it made me consider the effects I have on people I may not know. It was a very easy to read which made it all the more enjoyable.
Sandra C, Gateshead
ang pangit ng book na to
I also loved this book, I found it very moving and it brought me to tears several times.
Becky, Wiltshire
I bought this on Saturday afternoon and had finished it by Sunday morning. Stunning book. Thought provoking and touching. I have leant my copy to at least 5 people (no pun intended) who have all raved about it as I have. I have now just read his latest 'For One More Day' which was equally as poignant so I plan to read more from this author.
Debbie L, Derbyshire
I probably read this book in about a day, as I couldn't wait to find out about the five people the elderly man would meet and why
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