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by George Orwell

A George Orwell classic, which I read many years ago. When written, this book was regarded as science fiction, being a look at what was in store for the world of the future. However as time has passed the predictions are not now so futuristic, as some of the ideas have become frighteningly real, eg.cameras watching us everywhere we go, and phones being tapped. In the story everyone is forced to stay in their own little boxes, and must pay allegiance to 'Big Brother', alias, the Government.
This is a thought-provoking novel with grim overtones, but nevertheless a fascinating and gripping read.

Suggested by Pat, Hereford

Tagged with: average boring dark disturbing fascinating insightful maybe real worrying

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Boring. Very boring. Hard to get into, confusing, completely bombarded with information.
Hayley Wilkinson of those books that people say you should have read, appreciated, reflected upon then turned to your copy of the Daily Mail and realised how true it all was!! Road to Wigan Pier is the definitive Orwell
Louise, Liverpool
This is my all time favourite book! Where else can you find the perfect dystopia? It's dark, sinister and shabby environment all add the the repressive effects of this novel. What was a fanciful indulgence into what could be, now is a reality. Lets hope for all of our sakes we don't follow the route of 'Brave New World'! A captivating and engrossing book, for those who enjoy exploring the effects of governmental restraints on the individual.
Kev Smith
I also picked this book up after a 30 year gap. How things have changed! It all seemed so far-fetched and fanciful but now I'm not so sure. I'm now off to read @Brave New Wolrd' - again.
Jill Parry (Frontline Training)
It's a long time since I read 1984 but have been inspired to read it again. I feel Orwell certainly had a vision for the future when writing this. The reality of some of his predictions are frighteningly real.
Paula (front-line training)
This book still doesnt appeal and I am still nor persuaded to read it at all I never 'had to read it at school.
Marjory Smith ( doing Frontline Course)
An important read in the days of Big Brother and spin!
John Woodhouse

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